Taipei City: Access Taipei

I hear Beethoven.


It's time to take out the trash. I grab 2 distinct bags from my freezer. One with raw food scraps and one with cooked food scraps to be recycled in different containers. I grab my bag of mixed plastics, cardboard and glass to dump in another truck. Tonight, no trash.


A collective trash and recycling program to try and manage trash on an island country the size of Lake Michigan. Expanding and shifting but staying firm in its traditional routes Taipei struggles to be relevant in a world of competing large economies. Slowly losing allies to big brother as pressure mounts to absorb an ingrained democratic way of life, Taipei pushes back as a lion defends its pride.


Tomorrow, I will work from home, enjoy a quiet morning with a cup of coffee and get climbing in at night. Friday, I will teach 6 hours of youngsters with no clue how competitive and Confucian the work culture will be. Saturday, I climb sea side amphitheater cliffs while listening to a moody ocean slowly shape the island beneath my feet . Sunday, I hike a coastal trail that leads up and over a Japanese gold mine that still stains the estuaries dark red and as it makes its way out to sea.