Xiao LiuQiu: Taiwan

What an island!!


Not a long post this time, I'll let the movie do most of the... writing? So last week I had the opportunity to take 4 days, disappear, leave Taipei and let loose on Taiwan's only coral island. Long story short. It was pretty incredible. Here's why:

1. Swimming? I'm always a sucker for a good swim spot. Xiao Liuqiu doesn't disappoint. Sea turtles (huge ones), coral reefs, sharks, incredible features, visibility are all world class.

2. Pace. We woke up, ate, swam, explored, swam, ate, slept, repeated. On our own time. What else does one need?

3. Explore. Holy wow! Lot's more than I knew about on this island. Historical sites, awesome topography, diving, photography, streets, temples, you won't get bored.

4. Ease. We got a scooter through our hostel. Cheap (10 USD/day), effective, easy to get around. I recommend getting one. No license or credentials needed.

5. Access. Very easy to get there! Ferry from Pingtung outside of Kaohsiung.


1. This one frustrated me. Very few (none?) places to get breakfast. No, not congee in a bowl. A breakfast that doesn't leave one hungry.

2. Weekend tourism. Wow... I drive slow on a scooter to be safe. Thank the heavens I do because people made very aggressive and foolish maneuvers. I almost got taken out by 2 completely oblivious drivers. Go on the weekdays.