Cambodia: Hideaway

For 3 days we hid away on Koh Rong Island.


After disembarking and waiting to get our bags, a 5 minute walk down a beachfront filled with small cafes brought us to our ocean side bungalow. We actually changed from our original reservation because the bungalow I booked online was known to be a party hot-spot with loud music throughout the night. I politely canceled our reservation and the owners were very understanding.

Kaoh Touch beach is lined with small rooms and bungalows to rent ranging from $5 / night to $30 / night. Just walk up and down the beach stopping in each and you'll find something. We chose a bungalow and not a room as the rooms are above cafes and in the louder areas of the beach front.

It was peaceful and we had no issues during our stay. After checking out a map we decided to hike a jungle trail over to Long Beach to spend the afternoon. Nothing but secluded white sands all the way to the horizon. So, what did we do? Practiced acro yoga, of course.

Not much to report here other than enjoying a little peace and quiet. I got up early most mornings to do a little exercise and snap some photos. Most of our time was spent in and out of the water and long walks on the beach. We also got in a day of free diving which was very disappointing. After lugging all our diving gear there we over paid for poor diving conditions. There are far better places to dive in Asia.

There are tons of places to eat and drink and all types of foods from American, to Italian, to Indian, and local Cambodian. We gorged ourselves on food and fruit smoothies. However, both Karen and I got stomach rot after visiting this island and we were sick for over a week. After some research I discovered that the likely culprit was tap water being used in the smoothies.


Other than the stomach sickness we had a great time. On day 4 we hopped back on the early ferry to the mainland in Sihanoukville and headed for Phnom Penh! Again, using IBIS bus transport services.