Who Am I?

I am an adventure sports and travel photographer based out of Taiwan. I grew up in the state of Michigan on the big lake where I learned about the importance of the outdoors and the protection of our natural resources. From there I studied architecture and pursued a career in design and building. After living and working in Maine and Colorado I decided to step off the edge and ship off to Asia. After 7 years in Taiwan and 2 years in China I've become accustomed to working with foreign companies in multiple languages and navigating the complexities of cultural differences.

I have several certifications and experiences with sports ranging from diving and snowboarding to downhill MTB and rock climbing. Pushing my limits and encouraging others to push theirs is what drives me.

Allow me to capture digital media that tells your story. I believe that being outdoors and teaching others about the the thin veil that keeps up protected is where we find our inner animal. Our passion to discover the new and push the threshold is what brings us together. Let's document your journey and show others what we were put on this earth to do.

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