Matt Girvan Media is driven to explore, capture and produce digital media that tells a story. From adventure and travel photography to 4k Ultra HD video production, MGMedia believes that being outdoors and teaching others about the the thin veil that keeps up protected is where we find our transformation. Our passion to discover the new and push the limits is what brings us together. Allow MGMedia to join you on your journey to document what we were put on this earth to do.


My style of photography and videography specializes in adventure sports and exploration. I have experiences and some certifications in rock climbing, trekking, scuba/free diving, snowboarding, skateboarding, downhill mountain biking and others, so it's pretty easy to say that being uncomfortable and pushing my limits is where I am most comfortable. It's where my mind clears and my focus becomes absolute. It is my mantra.


I am a native of America's state of Michigan where I grew up on Lake Michigan learning about the importance of the outdoors, the protection of our natural resources and the drive to explore.  Since living in Michigan I have lived in Maine and Colorado before moving to Asia where I picked up adventure photography as a means to capture not only adventure but the unmatched beauty of our Earth and the family we share it with.