I'm a guy who should have picked up a camera and been on this course of action far earlier in his life. It has taken me far too long to discover that what I am intrinsically good at is what I will always be best at.

I'd like to be a professional adventurer. This  is my brand that is aimed at putting me on the correct course to achieve a dream. A dream I didn't know I had until a few years ago. I've followed other paths and have been both successful and less than successful but none of them filled that empty space. The space that I wish I was really filling instead of trying to be good at something I wasn't naturally motivated to do.

My style of photography and videography specializes in adventure sports and exploration. I have experiences and some certifications in rock climbing, trekking, scuba/free diving, snowboarding, skateboarding, downhill mountain biking and others, so it's pretty easy to say that being uncomfortable and pushing my limits is where I am most comfortable. It's where my mind clears and my focus becomes absolute. It is my mantra.

I'd like to be a professional photographer capturing those moments that change lives. I'm not sure exactly what that looks like but I assume it's when my days are 16 hours long and I’m too focused to know it or too exhausted to function anymore. Below are some of the items on my bucket list or my "tool box" as I'll call it, that I'd like to achieve while pursuing this career


I am a native of America's state of Michigan where I grew up on Lake Michigan learning about the importance of the outdoors, the protection of our natural resources and the drive to explore.  Since living in Michigan I have lived in Maine and Colorado before moving to Asia where I picked up adventure photography as a means to capture not only adventure but the unmatched beauty of our Earth and the family we share it with.


My Toolbox List:

  1. Published in a major magazine
  2. Published on a major internet column
  3. Make a travel film
  4. Create an impactful documentary
  5. Have a photograph on each continent
  6. Have photographs of the seven wonders of the world
  7. Have a cover photo of a magazine
  8. Shoot a rock climbing story
  9. Shoot a diving/surfing story
  10. Shoot a story based on/around Lake Michigan
  11. Travel internationally for an assignment(s)
  12. Hosted on a podcast
  13. Nominated for an award in photography or videography
  14.  A brand ambassador
  15. Sell an art print or multiple art prints
  16. Have a gallery showing

What else should be in my toolbox?